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Modern Management, Inc. is a full service homeowners association management company. Managing communities in Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill, San Jose and Watsonville. Ranging from 3 to 300+ homes in each community.

Physical Management

We’ll help with the CC&R’s, Contractors & more:
  • Emergency site visits to ensure contractor performance
  • 24-hour availability/on-call maintenance
  • Assistance in enforcement of community association covenants, conditions, and restrictions
  • Liaise with city/state/county authorities as needed (police, fire, claims adjusters, neighborhood watch, etc.)
  • Supervision of contractors
  • ARC and CC&R tracking
  • Frequent review of community
  • Full reporting to Board of Directors

Administrative Management

Using technology to keep you informed:
  • Attendance at Board of Director meetings and Annual meeting
  • Monitoring of local/national laws and advice on pertinent legislative issues
  • Obtaining competitive bids for services as requested by Board of Directors
  • Selection of insurance providers and policies with Board approval
  • Marketing support for association activities and communications
  • Online document access for association members
  • Board Packet
  • Assistance with legal matters
  • Coordinating Seminars/workshops for Board members
  • Committed support to Board of Directors
  • Supervision of contractors hired by the association
  • Assistance with incoming/outgoing correspondence

Fiscal Management

 Modern Management maintains all fiscal records:
  • Assistance in preparation of the annual budget
  • Disbursal of funds as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Preparation of monthly Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheet
  • Maintenance of a separate account for each homeowner
  • Receipt, review and processing of invoices for payment by association
  • Coordination with auditor to finalize year-end audit, tax returns
  • Processing and handling of delinquencies
  • Corporation filings with the State
  • Report generation
  • Direct Debit
  • Prompt handling of all homeowner inquiries
  • Assessment collection and bank deposits